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Batik Cotton Fabric with high quality at

Batik cotton fabric is the one of fabric types for Batik. Cotton is usually chosen as the choice for basic fabric for clothing. This kind of fabric felt comfortable, because it can absorb the sweat well. So, many clothing stores use this type of basic fabric as the basic for clothing like Batik. Batik uses cotton fabric because it follows the request of many customers nowadays. Cotton fabric can absorb the wax well (malam), so the motif can be drawn perfectly.

Samples of Batik Tulis:

batik cotton fabric

batik fabric cotton

Batik fabric at uses cotton with high quality. The types of cotton that this company have are divided into two kinds namely: Prima and Primissima cotton. The thickness is 40s. The cotton which batik dlidir has is original cotton 100%. There are three kinds of technique in making Batik, namely: Batik Tulis (using Canting), Batik Cap (stamped) and Batik Handprint. Those exist on Batik Dlidir company.

What is Batik Dlidir? Batik dlidir itself is a manufacturer that serves all the needs of Batik. It is already registered with the name PT Batik Jito Dlidir. It focuses on the fabric but it can serve all the needs about Batik such as Batik clothing. Don’t worry, our price is cheap but having high quality. It can be proven from our partner is not only Indonesia but also international such as Hereford England, Amsterdam Netherland, Nigeria, Spain and many more.

Batik dlidir has two websites, namely with Indonesia language and with English. It is because to make easy for knowing our products in local or international. Our location is at Solo city, Central Java, Indonesia. Solo city itself is the center of Batik, it is well known from its Batik which has great philosophy.

Some collections of Batik Cap (stamped)

batik cotton fabric cap 3

batik cotton fabric cap 2

batik cotton fabric cap

You can order Batik design as you want, from the motif or colour.

all Batik process that Batik Dlidir has is handmade technique.

here the process of making Batik Handprint:

for detail information, contact the customer service

for order, contact our owner directly:

Our website in bahasa Indonesia, click below.
Seragam kain Batik
Batik Tulis terbaik di Indonesia


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