Batik solo is known as the best batik in Indonesia. Why? because Batik Solo still holds the tradition which Solonese have. On Batik solo motif is full of philosophy of solo people. There are some motifs which are popular on Batik Solo such as: kawung, jumputan, parang and many more. Solo itself is the center of Batik in Indonesia. It is located in the south of Central Java, a hour from Jogjakarta city. It is not so wide for big city but the economic here can be said as the most stable for the city. Batik Solo online is as the one of economic center. So, for the best batik you want, you must look for Batik in Solo, not the other city.

Batik Solo online exists on Batik Dlidir. The one of batik manufacturer which is located in Solo. It has the best quality for Batik Fabric and also the cheapest price in Solo City. Batik Dlidir itself has two websites with two languages, namely and and Batik dlidir is already registered officially into government with the name “PT Batik Jito Dlidir” It is because our partner is not only from Indonesia but also from International such as HereFord England, Amsterdam Netherland,Hongkong, Taiwan, Spain, Nigeria, Singapore, etc. And too much repeat order means Batik Dlidir has good service. Batik Dlidir can delivers the needs of all kinds of Batik that you want.

Here the samples of Batik Solo online in Batik Dlidir

Batik Solo online 1.jpg

batik solo online 2


check our websites on Batiks for collections, check all websites we have.

check our website in Bahasa Indonesia , Seragam Batik

for detail information, you can contact the customer service directly, click on the pic below.


for order, contact our owner directly:



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