the Best Batik Fabric for Batik Clothing

Nowadays, the fashion always gets up-to-date to entire world. Mostly, people always follow the recent update of fashion. It makes many clothing stores in the world. It makes people have idea to make online store for selling many kinds of things related to clothing such as batik clothing. Online stores include Facebook, Instagram, Line and many more. Because of this situation, it makes some people creating marketplaces for selling their brands.

For Batik Dlidir itself focus on selling batik fabric with kinds of Batik such as Batik Handprint, Batik Cap, and Batik Tulis. All kinds of Batik which are produced by Batik Dlidir are handmade. It has great experience for serving throughout the world. We already have partner to the world such as England, Netherland, China, and many more. Our partners believe us because Batik Dlidir has the best quality for Batik Fabric itself by selling it in the quantity of the yard or the meter. Batik dlidir is already registered officially as name “PT BATIK JITO DLIDIR” which is focus on Batik fabric. All the needs of Batik, we can produce it.

for Further information, Lets check our Website on batik fabrics

and our other website in Indonesia is just on batik seragam

contact our customer service for further information

or contact our owner directly

then check our batik process on our manufacturer

sarong batik handmade at Batik Dlidir


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